felicity jones

Ultimately True Story fails to create any real suspense, its only saving grace is the compelling nature of its source material.


There are a few hard-nosed, pointed remarks from Hawking—one of the most brilliant minds of the century—and very few truly selfish moments, despite the fact that even as a purely inspirational figure, he’s earned them. The same goes for Jones’ Jane, whose sacrifices just keep piling up. This renders the portrayals, however remarkable the performances are, too saintly and mawkish.

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Easily the frontrunner for the best picture going at Sundance right now, Breathe In is a film about adulthood, marriage, compromise, and how love, true, pure love, isn’t always a good thing.


When it’s at it best, ‘Like Crazy’ explores the awkward, impulsive and wonderful parts of being in a youthful love affair.