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‘The Postcard Killings’ is little more than a rote, paint by numbers serial killer thriller with stock elements most have seen before.


Here’s my KCTV5 review with clips from ‘The Wolverine,’ as well as my capsule print review from Lawrence.com.


It’s here! Trevan and Eric celebrate their 100th podcast with a look back at their favorite moments. And when they’re done looking back, they review some movies!


Listen to Eric Melin and I argue about The Wolverine on Scene-Stealers Podcast #100. Hugh Jackman reprises the titular role that made him famous in The Wolverine, a movie that is simultaneously hampered by being forced to acknowledge the X-films that came before it, and helped by largely divorcing itself from the X-universe and telling its […]


‘Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters’ is a gory, R-rated splatter-fest that uses its cartoonish violence as crutch rather than an anchor. It wants desperately to be on the same level as Sam Raimi’s slapstick horror Evil Dead trilogy, but it’s nowhere near as fun or clever.


I’m all for implausible and efficient action movies, especially when they’re big and ridiculous and having fun. But there’s nothing to Taken 2, which is downbeat and deadly serious—except for one memorable car chase in the middle of the film.