Ewan MacGregor

There are movies aplenty in this week’s podcast, as Eric, Trevan and Trey work their way through some late-to-dinner Oscar hopefuls: Promised Land, Not Fade Away, Hyde Park on Hudson and The Impossible. There’s a lot to get through and the guys move fast, so try to keep up. Subscribe to The Scene-Stealers Podcast on iTunes or our RSS.


Fresh off of seeing Wrath Of The Titans, Trevan and Eric unleash a Kraken of rage on this unnecessary and unwarranted sequel. Meanwhile Trey struggles to come up with a single memorable thing about Salmon Fishing In The Yemen and comes away with a pretty hilarious homage to 24. Lastly, and on a much sadder note, Trevan reads racist […]

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Christopher Plummer is gaining a lot of Oscar buzz for his performance as a man who comes out as gay not long after his wife dies. Ewan MacGregor plays his son Oliver, and Beginnners, directed by Mike Mills, is his story.