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evil dead

Alvarez adopts the film language of Raimi’s films, adds more to the bag of tricks, and keeps the sardonic attitude without necessarily being slapstick.


Here are my interviews with director Fede Alvarez and Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, and Jessica Lucas of the ‘Evil Dead’ remake from KCTV5 It’s Your Morning.


“What a terrible idea.” That’s all I could think when I first heard they were remaking The Evil Dead. Once the credits started rolling however, a completely different phrase was in my mind: blood poetry.


This week, Eric recounts his junket screening of Evil Dead after lamenting that he has sold out once and for all. Trevan discusses The Sapphires, a frustrating, inspired-by-a-true story whose real world story is more interesting than the fictionalized vehicle the studio cooked up. Finally, Trey and Trevan both discuss Ginger and Rosa, a fantastic film by Sally Potter.

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