Ellen Burstyn

Lucy Cola is an astronaut who’s deeply moved by the transcendent experience. She starts to feel too small, as reality slowly unravels.


Opening Friday, Nostalgia is an assembled collection of self-important, thousand-yard-stare monologues is a sophomoric meditation on the fleeting nature of existence.


[Rating: Minor Rock Fist Up] Millennials need a version of Lassie that isn’t wholesome. Instead, a story of a dog exploring the perverted, introverted world it lives in. Ok, maybe this isn’t needed, but it’s certainly available now Wiener-Dog. Remember Paulie, that movie from 1998 where a parrot gets passed around from owner to owner? […]


While this might be least-known of director Jack Hill’s efforts, even within the pantheon of work he did for Corman’s New World Pictures, it’s definitely worth a closer look.


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Top 10 Coming-of-Age Movies

by Trey Hock on August 20, 2013

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Prepare for The Spectacular Now by brushing up on your coming-of-age films. Here are Trey’s Top 10 Coming-of-Age Movies. What’s your Top 10? Leave your list in the comments.


It’s October and with it comes Halloween, autumn, and the first theme month at Insomniac Movie Theater. In honor of Halloween, it’s bad horror remake month on Insomniac Movie Theater and there’s no better movie to kick it off than 2006’s Nick Cage catastrophe “The Wicker Man.” Written and directed by one-time University of Kansas […]