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[Rating: Swiss Fist] The only thing I really took away from Teen Spirit, is that Elle Fanning is a hell of an actress and has an incredible voice. If the script matched her passion, she’d be staring at a possible Academy Award nomination. But as it is, the indie musical drama from writer and director […]


After escaping a set-up, a dying hitman and a teenage prostitute hideout in Galveston, where they plan their next step.


The heavy lifting in the character department is all done by Angelina Jolie because Maleficent has little more than a couple of thinly developed and somewhat jarring plot points to turn her from innocent faery to malevolent witch.


This week, Eric recounts his junket screening of Evil Dead after lamenting that he has sold out once and for all. Trevan discusses The Sapphires, a frustrating, inspired-by-a-true story whose real world story is more interesting than the fictionalized vehicle the studio cooked up. Finally, Trey and Trevan both discuss Ginger and Rosa, a fantastic film by Sally Potter.

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One could say that I was intrigued by the hype surrounding “Super 8” I enjoyed the J.J. Abrams’ reboot of the Star Trek franchise in 2009, and I was interested in what he might craft when he turned his creative energies to a kids’ adventure movie. Unfortunately Abrams took a page out his producer, Steven […]