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David Bowie

The world lost an icon when David Bowie passed away. Perhaps this was due to playing “characters” in his musical life or his knack for being a good showman, but he really knew how to act on film and give compelling performances, even in movies that were not so great.

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Here is a link to the song’s official music video, for which embedding has been disabled. It was 1971. Just one year before he became the glam king/queen known as Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie was on to something. His sound had changed dramatically from folky pop singer to hard rock maestro in a short time, […]


Sometimes the best tunes come from the spark of an outside collaborator. David Bowie entered the studio to sing backing tracks for a new Queen song, but ended up working with the group on another song called “Still Life.” Eventually that morphed into “Under Pressure,” which was credited to Bowie and all four members of […]