cowboys & aliens

This review of “Cowboys and Aliens” originally appears on KTKA-49. The new movie “Cowboys and Aliens” is a perfect example of truth in advertising. The title says it all. There are cowboys and there are aliens. And that’s about it. Taking the title of the 2006 graphic novel that it’s based on and none of [...]


A good idea is just that, an idea. It may be chock-full of visual potential or hint at the possibility of an engaging story. Even if the idea is fantastic, there is an enormous chasm that stands between that idea and, in this instance, a well-crafted enjoyable feature film. Jon Favreau falls headlong into this [...]


We have passes to see COWBOYS & ALIENS Tuesday, July 26 at AMC Studio 30 at 7:30pm and we want you to have them! Just fill out the form below and winner will be picked at random on Monday, July 25. Synopsis: 1873.  Arizona Territory.  A stranger (Daniel Craig) with no memory of his past [...]