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Clark Gregg

It’s here! Trevan and Eric celebrate their 100th podcast with a look back at their favorite moments. And when they’re done looking back, they review some movies!


There’s a big difference between what should be funny and what’s actually funny.

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Swaddled in the good graces of its literary source, Joss Whedon’s version of Much Ado About Nothing works in spite of itself. Whedon shot this black and white adaptation in just twelve days, and cast actors well known to fans of Firefly, Buffy, and The Avengers, making it a veritable Whedon reunion.


Wacthing ‘The Avengers’ is like watching director Joss Whedon play with really expensive action figures.


At least one of our film critics wasn’t as enthusiastic as many others have been about Marvel’s The Avengers so far. Watch the video to find out who…


‘The Avengers’ may be pure formula, but its formula done in a way that makes you remember why formulas were created in the first place: They were successful.