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chris evans

A classic parlor mystery whodunnit with Agatha Christie sensibilities and the sheen of America’s 2019 sociopolitical landscape, ‘Knives Out’ is as smart as it is fun.


‘Avengers: Endgame’ is a cinematic orgy of comic-book geek madness and an epic sendoff for characters we have grown to love over the course of 22 films.


‘Avengers: Endgame’ is an affirmation of Marvel Studios’ storytelling strategy of connecting its films in a shared universe, but maybe more significantly, it’s proof that the franchise’s consistent release schedule gives the viewer better short-term recall and deeper emotional investment.


If these costumed super heroes are truly the gods of our time and the films that they are in each summer are our contemporary mythological canon, then these films should reflect our current understanding of each other, including visual representation of women and minorities, instead of parading out old narrative tropes and stereotypes as if they were steadfast truths.


Rating: Minor Rock Fist Down Sequels are tough. Even if you’ve made a wildly successful first film. Even if you’ve had more than six movies to establish your continuity. Even if you have the deep pockets of a major studio like Disney. Even if you’ve got a director who’s incredibly good at writing ensembles. Sequels […]


The really great action movies are all about urgency—that life-and-death situation where the stakes couldn’t be any higher and the main character doesn’t have any other choice but to forge ahead.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the latest offering in the Marvel Studios juggernaut, and it’s a fantastic example of what the film series has to offer in terms of quality, spectacle and sheer fun. Chris Evans returns as the titular captain, the super soldier who beat the Nazis, saved New York in The Avengers and is currently […]


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one such movie that, given the beneficial hindsight of 20 or 30 years, will be seen as a turning point for a generation.


Wacthing ‘The Avengers’ is like watching director Joss Whedon play with really expensive action figures.


At least one of our film critics wasn’t as enthusiastic as many others have been about Marvel’s The Avengers so far. Watch the video to find out who…


‘The Avengers’ may be pure formula, but its formula done in a way that makes you remember why formulas were created in the first place: They were successful.


This review originally appears on KTKA-49. The superhero genre gets an injection of good old fashioned patriotism when “Captain America: The First Avenger” hits theaters this weekend. Set during World War II, this Marvel Comics adaptation follows the adventures of a wimpy young man with a good heart who is turned into a muscular super […]


In the midst of the summer movie season, comic book movie exhaustion and action overload has started to weigh heavily on me. Do we really need another film about a dude in a crazy suit, who punches other dudes in crazy suits? Isn’t there an upper threshold for the number of these films that can […]