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Star Wars, at its best, explores these kinds of messy, difficult places in an arc mythic setting, better allowing us to delve into those emotional pits contained within us. Not this one.


The Force Awakens is an action film. It feels like Star Wars but it isn’t Star Wars.


For months now, people online and off have been speculating, hoping, disavowing their interest in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So with so much non-film related stuff swirling around J.J. Abrams latest installment of the Star Wars serial, how is one to offer any insightful critique of The Force Awakens?

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As a spectacle, as pure entertainment, The Force Awakens delivers. Its pace is near break-neck, but it rarely feels rushed. The climax manages to feel bigger-than-life and starkly intimate at the same time. And people will be talking about the movie’s big plot points for months.


For 1 Year, 100 Movies, contributor/filmmaker Trey Hock is watching all of AFI’s 100 Years, 100 Movies list (compiled in 2007) in one year. His reactions to each film are recorded here twice a week until the year (and list) is up! “Star Wars?” Where do I even start? This is honestly the first time […]