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Ben Affleck

‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ is the better version of a bad movie, filled with long, drawn-out scenes that fail to advance plot nor develop character.


Even with reshoots, an extra 2 hours, and a mulligan budget rumored to be in the $80 million dollar range, this film is undeniably, irredeemably awful.


Ben Affleck is at his best in years in ‘The Way Back.’ Bringing personal experience to a role where the character struggles with vices, Affleck excels and is charming in his unique way. The film is not without it’s flaws, but it works and the emotional impact is there.


‘The Way Back’ is a solid and entertaining flick even if it’s devoid of any true originality within the confines of the two genres it’s kicking around in.


Captain Marvel is the story of an alien-human hybrid with near-limitless powers and a rare example of a female-fronted superhero film in a genre that often positions women in supporting roles. This got Scene-Stealers thinking about the best examples of female comic book superheroes in film, as there have been many great examples (along with several bad ones) over the years.


Instead of doing a rundown of the flaws of this superhero movie Simon would rather transcribe a story, to the best of his ability, as he is sure it all happened.

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All of the uber-muscled, color-drained visual and aural bombast in the world can’t hide the ugly truth about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It’s dumb as bricks.


One good thing about Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice? I’m pretty sure a hell of a drinking game can be made around it. Every time Batman crashes into something: take a drink. Every time Lex Luthor monologues about God: take a drink. Every time Lois Lane gets trapped or captured: take a drink.


Buried somewhere beneath the button-pushing gender politics and all-too-convenient plot twists in Gone Girl, there are some mildly interesting points being made about modern marriage. But after two and a half hours of soapy ridiculousness that wouldn’t be out of place on TV’s The Bold and the Beautiful, the movie just seems like cruel and unusual punishment.


The Kansas City Art Institute and Alamo Drafthouse have joined forces to bring you Film School, a weekly student curated film series. This week – Armageddon (1998) – Saturday, July 6th at 2:00 p.m.


How do you follow the latest from writer/director/auteur Terrence Malick? With possibly the biggest summer movie of the year, duh. Trey and Trevan are a man down this week, with Eric hanging out in New Orleans or something. Honestly, who knows what he does. Trey talks To The Wonder, one of Malick’s more accessible and beautiful efforts. While […]


There’s not a lot of real depth to the characters since this is an ensemble piece and every person gets just a little screen time and serves a distinct storytelling purpose, but Affleck gets winning performances out of all his actors.


It’s a good week for Blu-ray. Richard Linklater’s Criterion version ‘Dazed and Confused’ is out and ‘Attack the Block’ beams in from outer space to the inner city.


“State of Play,” the new “old” journalistic thriller based on a 2003 BBC TV serial, hits theaters today—the same day that Oprah does an entire show on Internet sensation Twitter. Interestingly enough, a strong undercurrent of the film spotlights that battle between new and old media, embodied by grizzled and idealized traditional reporter Cal McAffrey […]