Barry Pepper

In all, The Lone Ranger is a mixed bag, but it really just needs an edit and a decisive tone. Had it been 30 or 45 minutes shorter and more focused, it would have been a different film entirely.


Will our three reviewers ever get to the actual movie or will there love of Michael Bay movies prove a permanent detour? Find out now!


‘Snitch’ is a character study that’s short on action and a treatise whose true purpose is to lecture the audience on the the evils of mandatory minimum sentencing for drug-related crimes.

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64 million people a year suffer from insomnia and every so often, I am one of them. But rather than use the extra time I’ve been given during an insomniac episode to be productive, balance my checkbook, study for the LSAT or exercise, I instead fool myself into thinking the time isn’t my own and [...]