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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Today’s list is an exploration of all the known truths of the Terminator universe, for while the quality of each installment has varied over the years, certain commonalities have not.


Thanks to a script by John Scott 3 and direction from Henry Hobson, Maggie ends up being efficient, smart and actually about something.


Can’t we just blow up a helicopter like the old days anymore? Do we have to replace it with half-rendered computer effects? Rambo would not be proud.


Today’s list celebrates the best of Greek legends in their cinematic form, and ranked them based on their powers and perceived usefulness in the featured films.


‘Sabotage’ has a ton of forced macho camaraderie among its actors and a series of grisly murders that even Hannibal Lecter would find classless.


A very frustrated, fatigued, and self-aware videogame soldier named Brooks laments how many friggin’ times he’s had to play this particular level in this Sundance 2013 selection.


Even though Total Recall is full of imaginative sets and design, its futuristic world is never anything but a nifty-looking backdrop for its action sequences, which are admittedly better than average. But the world never really informs the characters – whose dialogue is also pretty bland – and the result is a little underwhelming.

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I try not to go to the Arnold Schwarzenegger well too often. After all, the man’s entire career has a place on this blog. Ever since he made is debut as Hercules in “Hercules In New York,” his acting career has been a virtual litany of bad action movies or just plain bad movies meant […]


64 million people a year suffer from insomnia and every so often I am one of them. But rather than use the extra time I’ve been given during a given insomniac episode to be productive, balance my checkbook, study for the LSAT or exercise, I instead fool myself into thinking the time isn’t my own […]