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‘Isle of Dogs’ has a tender touch as a quirky comedy, lead by a pack of wild dogs who hope their quest to help a young boy leads to their own protection from destruction.


Were it anyone else but Charlie Kaufman holding the reins on this, things might not seem so generic and adrift, yet again, considering the level of novelty and creativity he has brought to previous offerings, Anomalisa feels decidedly thin, and only partially formed.


The Wind Rises is an easy recommendation, as Miyazaki caps his career with a straightforward tale which has much going on under the surface touching on various themes the director returns to once more including flight, love, and dreams.


Stop-motion animation is a painstakingly long process, one point made perfectly clear by many of the excellent special features on the Criterion Dual Format Blu-ray-DVD combo of Wes Anderson‘s 2009 Roald Dahl adaptation Fantastic Mr. Fox.


Today’s excellent Top 10 comes from Kansas City animation student Jessica Wisneski. Make sure and watch some of the amazing stop-motion animation shorts and clips embedded within the post. If you have an idea for a Top 10, email me at Here’s Jess: After I talked some trash on a Top 10 list, Eric, […]


Why bother remaking a 1981 stop-motion classic (“Clash of the Titans”) if you are removing the one thing that made it fun in the first place? Before a single important filmmaker had any bearing on my cinematic life, there was Ray Harryhausen. The stop-motion animation he refined was a fixture of countless monster movies, beginning […]