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The central premise of Mirage Men, a documentary currently playing at the Seattle International Film Festival, is that all of this alien abduction hoopla, all this U.F.O. and conspiracy theory enthusiasm, is the intended byproduct of a deliberate government-sanctioned disinformation campaign.


Today’s Top 10 list comes from sitegoer Brian Tousey, who teaches a film course in Los Angeles, and writes a film-based blog called Maximum Tenderness. His previous list for Scene-Stealers was Top 10 Stephen King Movie Adaptations. If you’d like to contribute a Top 10 list to Scene-Stealers, just email me at Here’s Brian: […]


“We all sell out every day; it might as well be on the winning team.” What “They Live” has to offer may come as a surprise. It is, after all, about an alien civilization creating a global consumer culture through mass hypnosis in order to use the human race as livestock. And it is, after […]