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Adrien Brody

The maniacal genius Paul Haggis has created the impossible. Third Person is a film that is complex and trite, clichéd and nonsensical, and misanthropic and overly sentimental.


Trevan and Trey return to go over two new movies: Third Person from that writer/director/guy Paul Haggis, who gave us Crash. If you don’t already, please Like us on Facebook. It’s the quickest way to get news, reviews and podcasts from us and the rest of the Web. And please subscribe to the Scene Stealers Podcast on iTunes or our RSS.


In The Grand Budapest Hotel director Wes Anderson seems to fully resolve two warring sides of his creative personality, the need to craft exciting visual moments and the ability to build a cohesive long form narrative.


Adrien Brody becomes the latest commando to tangle with the mandible-mouthed interplanetary hunters in “Predators,” a series reboot courtesy of producer Robert Rodriguez and genre director Nimód Antal. “Predators” begins with promise. A group of hardened killers wake up in an undisclosed jungle, which turns out to be an alien game preserve the predators use […]