adam mckay

Rudd is his usual likable self, and he’s perfect for a role that requires a lot of exasperation. He’s an everyman that’s easy to root for from the get-go, and his droll sense of humor allows him to comment on the stranger goings-on with the appropriate amount of “WTF?”


Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie opens today at Screenland Crossroads. The duo’s humor comes from their instinctual knowledge of how editing is used to manipulate the viewer and this is their first full-length feature film.


My on-camera review with clips from the movie is here. Read on for the detailed print review: If “The Other Guys” is Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay’s attempt to educate the public about the evils and abuses of Wall Street, they sure picked a roundabout way to do it. The fourth teaming of this […]