When it came out last fall, “Gamer” was quickly dismissed and almost as quickly left theaters, leaving in its wake a handful of dedicated fans and critics that either hailed it for its technical wizardry or panned it for its rapid-fire editing, fevered pace, and outrageous plot. In short, it had cult classic written all […]


Chow Yun Fat and John Woo at their best. “Hard Boiled” is a band apart from other action movies.


I hate it when people complain that a movie isn’t believable enough. My brother complained to me that he had a hard time buying the fact that in Inception, people could just enter dreams so easily. But sometimes movies just require to you to make a leap of faith into the story and if they […]


When Eric asked me to contribute an overlooked movie to, I immediately began compiling a list of my favorite and under or completely unappreciated films of the last 15 years. Would I finally get to tackle the overlooked pulp of Christopher McQuarrie’s “The Way of The Gun”? Or maybe I could gush about Ewan […]