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Top 10 Kaiju Movies

by Trey Hock on July 9, 2013

in Top 10s

For those looking to prepare for Pacific Rim and dive into kaiju more deeply, here is Trey’s Top 10 Kaiju Movies.


The eighth Fantastic Fest is now officially underway! And while I can’t wait to start gorging myself on movies until I’m so sleep deprived I consider voting for a third party candidate, I realize that a lot of you can’t make the trip down to Austin or aren’t yet sold on the world’s most badass […]


Judi Dench received her sixth Oscar nomination for the darkly funny oddball drama Notes on a Scandal in 2007, just as Fox Searchlight hoped she would when they released it during awards season. As an extra bonus, Cate Blanchett also received a supporting actress nomination as well — her third. The movie went on to […]


‘Hard Candy’ is one of those intimate low-budget movie concepts that is so brilliant you can’t help wishing you had thought of it first. What makes the movie more than a great concept, though, is the sure-handed and stylish direction, some whip-smart dialogue, and a towering performance by a then-young newcomer named Ellen Page.


‘Superman Returns’ has way more going for it than a simple action movie. By emphasizing Superman’s virtual omnipotence and also his sense of eternal heartbreak and loss, Bryan Singer’s epic and lyrical sequel-of-sorts to 1980’s Superman II has some of the same poignancy of a classic Greek tragedy.


Today’s Overlooked Movie Monday looks at an underappreciated film by Tarsem Singh, the visual stylist behind ‘Immortals.’ This is the one film where the director puts all the elements together.


It’s that time of the year again! The days are getting shorter, the kids are back in school, and the sweltering heat is starting to de-swelter. Could it be? YES! Fantastic Fest 2011 kicks off in less than three weeks! From Thursday, 9/22 through Thursday, 9/29, true genre movie lovers will gather primarily at the […]


Darren Aronofsky might see a second wave of consideration and approbation wash over his grossly misunderstood romantic sci-fi epic from 2006, “The Fountain.”


It’s October and with it comes Halloween, autumn, and the first theme month at Insomniac Movie Theater. In honor of Halloween, it’s bad horror remake month on Insomniac Movie Theater and there’s no better movie to kick it off than 2006’s Nick Cage catastrophe “The Wicker Man.” Written and directed by one-time University of Kansas […]


Seeing Double is the Scene-Stealers series that celebrates the only thing better than watching one movie—watching two movies. Each week we look for a more perfect cinematic union as we view and discuss a pair of movies chosen either for things they have in common or things they don’t. The films may be old or […]


A rare blend of serious science fiction and pulse-pounding action, director Alfonso Cuarón’s Children of Men is the best film of the year. Despite a gloomy apocalyptic setting (that serves as a cautionary warning for us all today), it remains a movie about hope against all odds. The kicker is that this catastrophic future is […]


Apart from being a technical marvel, ‘The Departed’ is also a bleak and terrifying study of the cyclical violence.

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