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The eighth Fantastic Fest is now officially underway! And while I can’t wait to start gorging myself on movies until I’m so sleep deprived I consider voting for a third party candidate, I realize that a lot of you can’t make the trip down to Austin or aren’t yet sold on the world’s most badass […]


Kicking and Screaming wasn’t really a big hit when it came out in 2005. Maybe its because its number-one goal was to showcase its star verbally and physically abusing kids. Kicking and Screaming may be overlooked, but it deserves a fair shake — at least partially because it’s the kind of movie aimed at kids that adults […]


Love him or hate him, writer/director Terrence Malick has yet to make a movie that doesn’t completely envelop an audience and take control of their senses for an otherworldly experience. ‘The New World’ does that 100 percent, embedding the viewer in another time when life moved at a completely different pace than it does today.


in 2005, having recently been ousted from the James Bond franchise, Pierce Brosnan bid a bitter adieu and good riddance to the Queen’s suave secret agent, dive bombing every 007 stereotype in the book with his fiendishly funny turn in an overlooked movie from writer/director Richard Shepard called ‘The Matador.’


It’s that time of the year again! The days are getting shorter, the kids are back in school, and the sweltering heat is starting to de-swelter. Could it be? YES! Fantastic Fest 2011 kicks off in less than three weeks! From Thursday, 9/22 through Thursday, 9/29, true genre movie lovers will gather primarily at the […]


Sometimes less truly is more, even when it flies under the radar. Such is the case with today’s excellent Overlooked Movie — one that is crying out for a deluxe Blu-ray reissue and a critical re-evaluation. Bill Murray has virtually cornered the market on understated acting, while writer/director Jim Jarmusch (“Dead Man,” “Down by Law”) […]


The second installment in our month of bad horror remakes is the 2005 Paris Hilton/Elisha Cuthbert vehicle “House of Wax.” Like last week’s disaster “The Wicker Man,” “House of Wax” commits the cardinal sin of a bad horror movies: It takes itself painfully, painfully seriously. Music video director Jaume, who’s other major movie was 2009’s […]


Spanning five languages and three continents, Mexican-born director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Babel proves film’s unique ability to reach beyond cultural barriers. Essentially a plea for international tolerance, the movie showcases images that are among the most breathtaking of the year. Iñárritu is at his most poetic when he illustrates humanity stripped of its differences and […]


We live in cynical times. Corruption in government is no longer a scandal — it’s the status quo. Huge conglomerate mega-companies are more powerful than entire countries. The term “corporate conscience” exists now only as an oxymoron. It is precisely this sort of brazen, out-of-control behavior from the filthiest rich of the world’s population that […]


Knowing that one of legendary director Werner Herzog’s (“Aguirre: The Wrath of God,” “Fitzcarraldo”) favorite subjects is the futility of man to overcome nature, I went into his newest documentary “Grizzly Man” expecting a sobering story of a conservationalist do-gooder who tempted fate one too many times and ultimately lost out to nature. What struck […]