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What is remarkable about The Vanishing is how, like Gone Girl, it reveals much about its central mystery fairly early on in the film. Unlike Gone Girl, it continues to deepen its characters and maintain a believable sense of dread that plays into its central conceit.


Lesson learned. Don’t let an angry drunk near a typewriter. Here’s LA-based movie tech guy Wayne Swab’s Top 10 Personal Movie Letdowns.


A pair of tongue-in-cheek movies about aliens are new on Blu-ray and DVD this week and neither of them involve Men in Black.


Rather than portray Christ (Willem Dafoe) as a person with a benevolent perma-smile whose divine light shines 24/7 , Martin Scorsese (raised a Roman Catholic) and co-screenwriter Paul Schrader (raised as a Calvinist) dare to capture his humanity.


“We all sell out every day; it might as well be on the winning team.” What “They Live” has to offer may come as a surprise. It is, after all, about an alien civilization creating a global consumer culture through mass hypnosis in order to use the human race as livestock. And it is, after […]


“I used to think God was angry, too, but not anymore! He used to jump on me like a wild bird and dig his claws into my head. But then one morning, he came to me. He blew over me like a cool breeze and said, ‘Stand up!’ And here I am.” When “The Last […]