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Top 10 Movie Dragons

by Alan Rapp on March 23, 2010

in Top 10s

Seeing how DreamWorks’ new “How to Train Your Dragon” is about ready to swoop into theaters it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a look back at the history of dragons in feature films. What you will find below is a a list of Top 10 Movie Dragons. Some come from good films, and […]


If you have a Top 20 list you’d like to contribute, email me at eric@scene-stealers.com. Below is a text exchange between contributor Warren Cantrell from 10rant and myself that explains his Top 10 list (which follows) better than I could: Eric: What’s up, man? Warren: Hey. Nothing much, been drunk for about three straight days. […]


Okay, this list began as a list of Olympic movies for obvious timely reasons, but due to the fact that would make for a very lame list, I broadened the topic. Instead, I’m focusing on training moments, montages, competition, pommel horses that appear magically in the middle of a chase, and a double dose of […]


In anticipation of this Friday’s release of “The Wolfman” remake, Scene-Stealers contributor Trevan McGee takes a look at the best onscreen creature transformations ever. If you have a Top 10 idea of your own, send it to eric@scene-stealers.com. Here’s Trevan: To be clear, actors –– the good ones at least –– transform themselves in every […]


Since 1952, Hollywood’s biggest night has been televised. Before that, the Academy Awards had been broadcast on radio, and not always the complete ceremony. Hell, before 1940, the results weren’t even in a sealed envelope. They would be printed in the next day’s newspapers, which were sometimes available before the show even started. It’s a […]