On-Camera Review: Hereafter

by Eric Melin on October 22, 2010

in Video Reviews

Here’s my video review of the Clint Eastwood drama“Hereafter” starring Matt Damon from KTKA-49.

Matt Damon is one of three characters across the globe who are touched by death in the maudlin drama “Hereafter.” Director Clint Eastwood weaves their stories together as they grapple with the possibility of an afterlife and how it affects them personally.

Obviously, life after death is a pretty broad subject, but Eastwood wisely concentrates on the personal, making each story resonate with the person it is focused on. The opening sequence is amazing, as a tsunami sweeps thousands of people up unexpectedly—but what makes it so painful to watch is that we experience it from the point of view of one woman.

“Hereafter” works best when it stays away from all the preachy overtones of other multi-character dramas like “Crash,” but it does stumble a bit in an attempt to spell everything out too conveniently.

This goes for the ending, as well as the moments when it creeps into ludicrous conspiracy territory.

On the other hand, some pointed and funny jabs at charlatan psychics work well, and Damon turns in an effective and restrained performance.

Whether “Hereafter”s depiction of the afterlife offends you or not will probably depend on your religious views, but if you can accept the premise, it’s easy to enjoy Eastwood’s seemingly effortless brand of storytelling.

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