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Movie Review: The Lincoln Lawyer

by Eric Melin on April 1, 2011

in Video Reviews

Here’s my review of “The Lincoln Lawyer” from KTKA-49.

Matthew McConaughey takes a break from formulaic romantic comedies to star in “The Lincoln Lawyer,” which is frankly, a nice change of pace for him.

McConaughey wields his usual confidence and charm to smarmy effect as Mick Haller, a defense lawyer who works out of his town car, but gets a pretty-high profile client in the form of a young, rich Ryan Phillippe. Somewhere buried under his tough veneer, Mick has a heart, but he’s not always a likable guy, and that’s part of what gives the movie its edge.

The washed-out look of the film and jittery handheld camerawork makes the underbelly of LA appropriately dangerous, and a fine supporting cast including William H. Macy and Marisa Tomei give the “The Lincoln Lawyer” some extra credibility as well.

In a nice twist, the central mystery of the plot is solved about halfway through the movie and it then becomes about some clever legal maneuvering on Mick’s part. It’s not breaking new ground, but “The Lincoln Lawyer” is a good, solid legal thriller.

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1 dbmurray April 2, 2011 at 9:30 am

I saw this yesterday and enjoyed it. It’s not a game changing movie, but it’s executed quite well.


2 James April 3, 2011 at 9:45 am

Yea, I saw this 2 weeks back and I was relatively surprised how much I enjoyed and how well polished it was. Like the comment above, its nothing revolutionary, but its superbly acted, fairly well written, and well made. McConaughey hasn’t been this charismatic in a long time. I only hope this film will do well in the long run for us to be able to see a sequel because I rather see McConaughey in films like these over the rom coms.


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