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Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau

by Eric Melin on March 6, 2011

in Video Reviews

Here’s my review of the new Matt Damon movie “The Adjustment Bureau” from KTKA-49.

Philip K. Dick, the science fiction author whose works were the basis for “Blade Runner” and “Minority Report,” is famous for his far-out concepts. Movie adaptations of his work usually take the premise from Dick and little else because his ideas were so dense.

“The Adjustment Bureau,” starring Matt Damon, does just that. And rather successfully, I might add. Emily Blunt plays a woman who meets Damon’s politician character at his most defenseless – right before a concession speech. If it seems like fate, that’s because it kind of was.

But there is a group of men who work behind the scenes of our world who want to keep them apart.

“The Adjustment Bureau” is smart and engaging but, in shoe-horning a romance into the script, the filmmakers have steered away from the more thorny issues concerning free will and the decisions we make. On the other hand, the love story works great, in no small part due to Damon and Blunt’s self-effacing chemistry.

In the end, no matter how tidy or preachy it gets, the relationship, and therefore the movie, works.

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