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KTKA Review: Green Lantern

by Eric Melin on June 17, 2011

in Video Reviews

This movie review of “Green Lantern” appears on KTKA-49.

A brash, but talented young fighter pilot pursues romance, faces the biggest challenge of his life, and is forced to grow up and accept responsibility in this high-flying adventure film starring one of Hollywood’s biggest hunks.

No, it’s not “Top Gun,” but with its cheesy, synthesized rock music and overused action movie clichés, “Green Lantern” would fit right alongside all the other “Top Gun” knockoffs of the 80s. The only difference is it has better special effects and adds a superhero element.

Ryan Reynolds is chosen by a superpowered ring to be the sole human being to join an intergalactic peacekeeping force with the power to materialize whatever they can imagine out of thin air. What powers the ring is will, which is visualized as a glowing green force. The enemy of will is fear, which looks a lot like will, except it’s yellow.

I have to give the makers of “Green Lantern” some credit, though. The premise of this DC Comics character is so corny, it’s a wonder that the movie isn’t a total unintentional laugh riot.

That said, the script is pretty dry and many of the scenes between Reynolds and love interest Blake Lively don’t work at all. It’s also a shame that the script doesn’t give Reynolds the kind of winking humor that “Thor” had, and that he is so good at delivering.

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1 Joseph Maxwell June 28, 2011 at 9:37 am

Just wondering your opinion on this. So, you think that the premise of Green Lantern is cornier than dressing up like a Bat, a Spider, or in bright blue and red tights with a bright red cape, or a soldier who has a red/white striped abdomen and a star on his forehead?

Just curious as to your corny scale and whether it coincides with reasonable expectations for a comic book adaptation.

That being said, at least you weren’t quite as pre-determined to destroy this movie as 99% of other critics.


2 Eric Melin June 29, 2011 at 6:18 am

Joseph- You bring up a good point. Exactly where does our threshold lie for realism/corniness in a superhero movie, which is essentially in the fantasy genre? Christopher Nolan has taken a gritty crime aesthetic with Batman that’s worked really well, Superman is still going to be tough for modern audiences, and Spider-Man was just a kid who got bit by a spider and tried to do good. Because Spider-Man and Batman were grounded in the character’s emotional truth, they succeeded, I think.

Here’s the deal with Green Lantern. There’s an inherent military aspect to this intergalactic force that makes it less about the individual and less special. The ring having the power to make anything is too general a power–virtually anything could be created and the ground rules for that haven’t really been stated. “Will and “fear” being the two powers of the universe and represented by yellow and greenness is pretty cheesy.

I’m still curious to see how they develop it from here, once they get out of the origin story ghetto.


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