KTKA Review – Captain America: The First Avenger

by Eric Melin on July 25, 2011

in Video Reviews

This review originally appears on KTKA-49.

The superhero genre gets an injection of good old fashioned patriotism when “Captain America: The First Avenger” hits theaters this weekend.

Set during World War II, this Marvel Comics adaptation follows the adventures of a wimpy young man with a good heart who is turned into a muscular super soldier. Chris Evans plays Steve Rogers with the appropriate amount of earnestness and the art direction and costume design sell the 1940s as seen through a comic-book lens.

The first hour of the film works amazingly well considering how silly the plot is. Director Joe Johnston does a good job building up characters that we care about. Ironically, it is when the action kicks in that things start to slow down. The action sequences just aren’t shot with any urgency and the action is sometimes hard to follow. Still, it’s fun to watch the little guy succeed and the film;s spirit pulls it through.

Also, just as a side note, don’t go see “Captain America” in 3D unless you just feel like giving Marvel more money for next summer’s superhero tie-in “The Avengers.”

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