Blu-ray/DVD Review: Limitless and Take Me Home Tonight

by Eric Melin on July 31, 2011

in Video Reviews

This review of new Blu-ray/DVDs of “Limitless” and “Take Me Home Tonight”originally appears on KTKA-49.

“Limitless” is new out on Blu-ray and DVD this week, and it stars Bradley Cooper as an unmotivated man who takes a pill that allows him to finally live up to his utmost potential. Suddenly, he’s finished his book in three days, made a fortune mastering the stock exchange, and is speaking fluent Cantonese to a waiter.

Despite some snazzy camera angles and showoff-y technique, “Limitless” dashes any hopes of originality when it ends up being nothing more than a cautionary tale about drug addiction. It’s a standard rise and fall tale, with a weird and inappropriately winking ending. That is, if you watch the original ending. The disc features an alternate ending that’s less snappy.

Post-college confusion is spotlighted in “Take Me Home Tonight,” also out this week. Topher Grace co-wrote and stars in this 80s-nostalgic comedy that relies too much on its big hair and bright clothes and not enough on getting inside the head of its characters.

The movie has a lot of slapstick party humor and most of it is pretty rote stuff. But it also wants desperately to be about something, going for a kind of “Say Anything” vibe. Even though Grace and his co-stars are likable, “Take Me Home Tonight” is too infatuated with its setting and too by-the-numbers with its storyline.

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