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True/False Film Fest 2014: ‘Jodorowsky’s Dune’

by Ashley Proski on March 6, 2014

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More coverage of the 2014 True/False Film Fest is here.

Unfortunately the weather made True/False Fest end on a chilly note. With temperatures at a high of 12 degrees, freezing rain, and some snow fall you didn’t see as big of crowds as you did on Friday, but the show went on and people still came out to films.  The last film I enjoyed on this weekend filled with films was Jodorowsky’s Dune, and it was an excellent end note!

I am a huge fan of director Alejandro Jodorowsky and am always astonished by the films he creates, and I get a lot of guilty pleasure for David Lynch’s film Dune. (Yeah, yeah go ahead and make fun, but do not discredit me just yet.) Frank Pavich set out to make this documentary after having read, in one of those movies-that-never-got-made books, that Jodorowsky had planned to make Dune.

He knew that he had to tell this story and get it out there for people to see and experience.  The documentary is comprised of interviews from Jodorowsky himself, alongside Michel Seydoux, H.R. Giger, Chris Foss, and Jean-Pierre Vignau, among others, but these men were just a few that made up Jodorowsky’s team for the Dune he was going to make.

Jodorowsky spoke of this movie as if it was going to change the world, and I feel like it potentially could have. The list of people that he had signed up for this project is crazy, he even got Salvador Dali to agree to play a role….like what?!?  So much time and planning and dedication went into the pre-production of this film.

The team made huge, like maybe 6-inch thick, hard-bound books of frame-by -frame storyboards and costume and set designs to be sent to each major studio to try and pick up the project.  Obviously none of them did. People from the project went on to use some of the ideas they had in future projects, including Jodorowsky himself — it just would have been great to see them used for their intended purposes.

This film was definitely going to be ahead of it’s time with the content and special effects, it really would have been a masterpiece.  I would suggest seeing this film if you want to geek out over Dune or Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Ashley is a contributor to Scene-Stealers and an image maker.

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