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"The Black Dahlia" is De Palma's best in years, maybe best ever

by JD Warnock on September 14, 2006

in Print Reviews

“The Black Dahlia” is an exciting and epic film noir from director Brian DePalma (“Carlito’s Way,” “Dressed to Kill”). This adaptation of James Elroy’s classic novel is a virtual movie making clinic from DePalma who fills each scene with intense and inspired camera work and vibrant performances from four of modern-day Hollywood’s finest up-and-comers. If the technical side isn’t enough to thrill you, the story and its gruesome details are nothing shy of a “CSI-lovers” paradise. Submersed in the gritty glaze of the darkest days in Hollywood history, “The Black Dahlia” flawlessly captures a time when no one is who they appear to be and even the good guys are on the take. “The Black Dahlia” isn’t for everyone, but fans of noir and Elroy haven’t had it this good since “L.A. Confidential.”

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