‘The Babymoon’ is a trip I’m not sure I want to take

by Joe Jarosz on February 14, 2017

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[Rating: Minor Rock Fist Down]

The Babymoon falls into one of those categories where it’s not hilarious enough to be deemed a comedy, but also not depressing enough to warrant the drama moniker. So I can’t quite recommend it to my friends who love comedies because I know they wouldn’t find it funny enough to warrant their time. And I can’t quite recommend it to my friends who love dramas because it wouldn’t be dramatic enough to engage them.

But, I can say that The Babymoon is one of the most beautifully shot films I’ve seen in awhile. Writer/Director Bailey Kobe takes advantage of the tropical landscape creating scenes on par with any professionally shot Earth documentary.


A couple in a fragile relationship takes one last trip, a baby honeymoon if you may, to try and salvage their what may be left of a relationship. However, when booking their trip, they unknowingly select a country in the middle of a political revolution.Yikes! How can anyone relax during that?

Hanna (Julie NcNiven) isn’t able to relax from the get go of the trip. Her husband Trace (Shaun Sipos) is only famous because he cheated on her while on a reality show. He apparently cheated so much, that his nickname became the King of Infidelity. Doesn’t exactly role off the tongue. Anyway, any woman who Trace talks to gets the side eye from Hanna followed by a lecture. It was kind of funny the first time, by the 10th time, it loses it magic.

After a couple of small fights, Trace almost cheats on Hanna again. One of the women Hanna chewed out earlier in the day was Yesenia (Jessica Camacho), an employee at the resort the happy couple chose. Well, former employee. Hanna didn’t appreciate the way Yesenia handed Trace his bags and had her fired. Yesenia’s revenge includes luring Trace to a secluded area of the resort for some…intimate time.

This leads to a weird secondary plot where Yesenia and a gang of radicals kidnap Trace. When this happens at about 30 minutes into the movie, I wonder if the writer didn’t thoroughly think his story out or if he was shooting for the most left field idea. Either way, I wasn’t into it. I would’ve preferred to see where the couple goes on their own, whether or not they figure out their issues without the help of a kidnapping.


Besides the beautiful landscape, the supporting players kept me entertained. The not-ready-for-primetime kidnappers, the jerk television producer who recognizes Trace and the overly-polite maitre’ d who reminded me of a cross between Rowan Atkinson and Jemaine Clement kept the tone light when the leads went over-the-top with their drama. The movie hits DVD and Blu-ray on March 14 and Digital and VOD on February 14 … Valentine’s Day. You and your significant other can probably find better things to do than watch this.

Joe Jarosz is a Midwest boy living in California. As much as he likes to think he has an edge, he’s quick to cry at the latest animated movie he takes his kid to see.


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