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"Star Trek: Nemesis" not cheesy enough for awful, not serious enough to work

by Eric Melin on December 13, 2002

in Print Reviews

What really freaked me out was how cheesy this film was. There was a great idea at the heart of it all, but just when it really got going plot-wise, there was something that made me cringe a bit too much.

It’s OK that it was old-fashioned “Star Trek” fun. That much slowly came back to me: the jokey lines, the shaky camera when the deck of the Enterprise gets hit, the over-earnest acting from minor players with a real mouthful to say, the second rate special effects….

When you’re on the road, you just go and see movies out of boredom. This is one of those, and all four of us went. Bill and Nick hated the bad guy, but J.D. and I thought he was pretty sweet, at least on par with the rest of the actors.

Most of the “action” scenes fell flat or were ripped off from other sci-fi flicks, though. And, although there was some convincing drama, I felt that I knew what would happen next from the beginning. I’ve heard that the “Star Trek” movie with the Borg (“First Contact”) was good, so maybe I’ll borrow it on video or something. “Nemesis” was not cheesy enough to be bad in a brilliant way, and not serious enough to really work.

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