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"Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" a bit like its title

by Eric Melin on November 15, 2002

in Print Reviews

A little bit darker and scarier than the first installment of this soon-to-be-classic children’s series, “Chamber of Secrets” was also a bit long.

But the art direction and special effects again are top notch, and since the extensive background info was already set up in the first film, this one was able to concentrate more on the mystery at hand. Kenneth Branagh was a very funny surprise as a publicity hungry wizard, and the late Richard Harris was excellent again.

The themes in these books and movies are so universal and simple, yet wrapped up in this hugely creative imaginary world. That’s what makes these stories so successful. Not groundbreaking stuff for sure, except by way of special effects, but it’s well-made stuff and some good storytelling.

“Chamber of Secrets” had a couple head-scratching scenes and dragged a bit in the middle (just like the first one did), but overall, it was good, solid fun.

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