Capsule Review: "The Tailor of Panama"

by Eric Melin on March 30, 2001

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Pierce Brosnan sends up the James Bond British spy cliche with strange and humorous results in this offbeat spy yarn from longtime directing great John Boorman. Geoffrey Rush is also excellent as the tailor mentioned in the film’s title, but Brosnan really steals the show, if not for anything else than being a complete asshole.

I didn’t really want to see this, but there was a couple hours to kill in Albany, NY before a show, so Bill and I went to check this out. I read a lot of movie reviews, but I always try to skip as much of the obligitory “plot summary” section as possible. (Notice also that my reviews contain little or no summaries.) And this film is a perfect example why. If I knew too much about the plot, it would’ve spoiled the discovery of a pleasantly surprising story.

All I will say is that “The Tailor of Panama” is not what you are expecting. See it and enjoy the ride.

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