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Capsule Review: "The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps"

by Eric Melin on July 28, 2000

in Print Reviews

Nick and I saw this yesterday after we found out we couldn’t move in to our new place because it was filthy and needed a lot of fixin’ and a new paint job everywhere. I was a big, big fan of the first Eddie Murphy “Nutty Professor” and deeply in need of some cheering up from my favorite family, the Klumps. Did it work? Not quite. The direction was inept at best, the screenplay was stupid, and Janet Jackson should stick to making dance records. Eddie Murphy tried and tried, but just couldn’t keep this movie from failing miserably. I liked the Klump family again, and some of the scenes were genuinely funny, especially with Grandma. But one man cannot save a movie, and I imagine he improvised all the funny bits anyway. It’s really too bad.

Eric is the Editor-in-Chief of and writes for The Pitch. He’s former President of the KCFCC, and drummer for The Dead Girls, Ultimate Fakebook, and Truck Stop Love . He is also Air Guitar World Champion Mean Melin. Eric goes to 11. Follow him at:

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