Capsule Review: "Saving Silverman"

by Eric Melin on February 9, 2001

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I think Jack Black is just about one of the funniest guys ever. I obsess over his band, Tenacious D, and I thought he stole “High Fidelity,” one of my favorite movies of last year. So why did I hate this so much?

I think it’s because the level of humor is so below sea level that I felt it was beneath him. Then again, I liked “Scary Movie” and, although I realized it wasn’t very ‘good’, “Me, Myself & Irene” had me laughing plenty. And those both were toilet treasure troves. Maybe I hated “Saving Silverman” because the whole time I was watching it, the close-to-sold-out crowd was cackling wickedly at its lame, cliched premise and its horribly obvious sight gags and bad dialogue.

I could see where JB had spiced the script up a bit, and made some very un-funny moments at least tolerable, but it wasn’t enough. And with Steve Zahn also in the cast, it’s the biggest waste of a good cast I’ve seen in a long time. I still look forward to seeing Jack in “Shallow Hal”, the new Farrelly brothers movie, and especially in “Run, Ronnie, Run,” the upcoming Mr. Show flick.

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