Capsule Review: "Pollock"

by Eric Melin on February 16, 2001

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Nick and I did a double feature the Friday night before the Oscars. It was kind of a cramming session to study up for Sunday night’s main event. It just so happened that both films were biographies of artists. First up was “Pollock,” a dreary movie directed by and starring Ed Harris. I really liked his performance and that of his Oscar-winning costar, Marcia Gay Harden. But the story seemed partly thrown together and definitely not very in-depth. It was vague about why painter Jackson Pollock was an alcoholic. I felt like I didn’t really get to know him as a person at all, much like the other bad biopic, “Man on the Moon.” They even pulled a “Cast Away” on me! What’s this ‘five years later’ crap!? All of a sudden he’s an absolute monster. This mixed-up movie even looked terrible, except during the scenes where Pollock painted. That’s when the screen really came alive. I wasn’t tired, but I almost fell asleep.

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