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Capsule Review: Original Sin

by Eric Melin on August 31, 2001

in Print Reviews

Adapted from a steamy potboiler of a novel (its actual title, “Waltz Into Darkness,” is also a much cooler name) from acclaimed pulp novelist Cornell Woolerich, this movie could have been lurid, trashy fun.

But the direction is too languid and the pace too slow to keep things interesting. Angelina Jolie is incredibly sexy, and the sex scenes are pretty hot. The odd editing style, accentuating the exotic locations over characters, however, is enough to leave you scratching your head.

I like film noirs, and plot-wise, this is right up my alley. The femme fatale and her hapless victim are tried and true noir devices and there’s always lots of doublecrossing. Having the story told in flashbacks from a death row jail cell was a nice touch, too. But overall, it’s too long, tries too hard, isn’t very believable, and the ending doesn’t work.

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