Capsule Review: "Nurse Betty"

by Eric Melin on September 20, 2000

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What a great movie! I liked this movie so much I saw it twice in the same week. It’s quirky, unpredictable, funny and dramatic. The screenplay is a wholly developed gem, some sort of “Wizard of Oz”-esque fairy tale with a heart of gold masquerading as a violent modern road picture. There are great big shifts in tone, yet at no point does it seem false, which is an amazing feat. The climactic scene towards the end is itself a high wire act resolved expertly by director Neil LaBute . Perfect performances by Rene Zellweger, Morgan Freeman, and Greg Kinnear are sure to be remembered come Oscar time. The second time I was able to look closer at smaller details and realized it’s something of a classic. Run, don’t walk.

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