Capsule Review: "Mission: Impossible II"

by Eric Melin on December 5, 2001

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Before I go any further, I should let everyone know I’m a big fan of John Woo, the director. I loved “Hard Boiled,” “The Killer,” and “Face/Off.” “M:i2” is not as good as those flicks, but it still rocked. I like Woo movies because the conflict is always over honor and love. Big, grand themes, yes, but ones we can all relate to. The first “Mi” was fun, but all over the place- and more concerned with double-crosses and less concerned with people. This is two guys and a girl. And in Woo’s larger-than-life way, it works. It’s a little slow, but nobody shoots action like he does, and Tom Cruise is confident and convincing. Plus, Thandie Newton wasn’t too bad to look at, either.

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