Capsule Review: "Hollow Man"

by Eric Melin on August 4, 2000

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I was so desperate to see a movie tonight before our show that I went to a theater and decided to just randomly pick a film and go. Trey and Bill had both warned me that “Hollow Man” was piece of crap, but it was still somehow an intriguing one for me. I really like James Whale’s classic “The Invisible Man” from the 30s, so I just had to see this new one. I had very low expectations, but this movie was so bad, I was still disappointed.

I felt used and dirty. I couldn’t even enjoy it for being bad, like I did with “Battlefield Earth.” It was just plain miserable. The missed opportunities to make this an even passable flick were endless. What a waste of time. There were some cool effects, but that would have made a good 5 minute film. Trashy, sexist, disgusting, and yes, hollow, but not even fun.

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