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Capsule Review: "Enemy at the Gates"

by Eric Melin on March 16, 2001

in Print Reviews

Judging a movie by what it is trying to accomplish, I can say “Enemy of the Gates” was mediocre at best.  Great actors, great opening battle scene, great set-up, slow exposition, bad third act.  Some of the WWII battle scenes are pretty successful.  Jude Law makes a believable and endearing hero, but there’s a needless love story and the wasting of outstanding talent Ed Harris to contend with. Nick saw an A&E special on the real story behind this film. Two snipers, one Russian and one German face off in Stalingrad to turn the tide of the war. The way this conflict played out in real life was more interesting than the fictionalized film version, though.  I’m very torn, though, cause the art direction and cinematography was outstanding.

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