Capsule Review: "Dinosaur"

by Eric Melin on July 5, 2001

in Print Reviews

I kinda got dragged to this one, but I was really impressed by the amazing computer animation. I was also real lucky that Disney didn’t include any of those godawful cookie-cutter crap songs they put in their musicals and get jokers like Phil Collins and Elton John to sing. (Those damn things screw real artists like Aimee Mann and Elliott Smith out of the Oscar every year- don’t even get me started.) Beyond the look of “Dinosaur,” though, it flat out sucked. I hate those damn cutesy voices. And modern-day sex jokes from dinos in the Mesozoic era? Real damn cute. If you wanna see how an animted movie can be done well and appeal to kids and adults, see “Chicken Run.”

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