Capsule Review: "Cast Away"

by Eric Melin on December 22, 2001

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I really didn’t want to see this movie. (I don’t want to see “Chocolat” either, and since Miramax paid off the Academy, it’s now nominated for Best Picture. Which means I have to go. Don’t ask. It’s just a movie geek thing.)

Anyway, I knew what was going to happen in “Cast Away.” Who didn’t? Although, that whole “three years later” thing was a big cop-out. And why do they have to give away the ending of movies in every damned preview these days? Jackass!

Anyway again, guess what? I still liked it. It wasn’t nearly as cheesy as I thought it was gonna be, and ol’ Tom Hanks (bound for a record third Best Actor win) was fantastic. The idea was intriguing as well. What would you do for four years stranded on an island? Me? I wouldn’t last two weeks without my favorite records. Director Robert Zemeckis has staged a crazy-good plane wreck scene, and keeps the mostly dialogue-free middle section of “Cast Away” moving pretty well. The end is a bit heavy-handed, but not nearly the lactose heaviness I was expecting.

Anyway, I feel like sending something in the mail, but I need it to get there quick. I wonder what company could do that for me?

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