Capsule Review: "Bring it On"

by Eric Melin on August 25, 2000

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Q: When you’re on the road with nothing to do, you’ve seen everything you really want to see, it’s your second night off in a row, and your bored in Dayton, OH, what do you do?

A: See the movie about cheerleaders.

I can take movies for what they are. Even after paying $7.75 to see “Bring it On,” I still think it was pretty good. It entertained me. Sure, it didn’t break any new ground, but it didn’t have to. It was often funny, there were some clever moments, and it didn’t always revert to teen movie cliches. It did sometimes, but not enough to make me angry. Hell, when I came back from the bathroom in the middle of it, I actually felt compelled to ask Trey and Bill what I’d missed. I guess that means I liked it. Although it’s probably a lot better for 4 bucks at a matinee. Or maybe a rental on video.

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