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Capsule Review: "America's Sweethearts"

by Eric Melin on July 20, 2001

in Print Reviews

Summer is the time to waste good talent on bad movies (i.e. “Evolution”), and here’s another giant stinker that could have been so much better. How can you go wrong with John Cusack, Julia Roberts, and Billy Crystal in a light romantic comedy? If you are really curious and you have a desire for self-torture, go see this movie and you’ll find out!

I think it has something to do with a very weak script and some truly awful supporting performances. What really let me down were some more of those tasteless, unfunny jokes that have been so popular this summer (i.e. “Shrek”). I have nothing against tasteless jokes when they are actually funny, but there is absolutely nothing funny about a dog who loves sticking its nose in Billy Crystal’s crotch.

Eric is the Editor-in-Chief of and writes for The Pitch. He’s former President of the KCFCC, and drummer for The Dead Girls, Ultimate Fakebook, and Truck Stop Love . He is also Air Guitar World Champion Mean Melin. Eric goes to 11. Follow him at:

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