DVD Review: Let Me In

by Eric Melin on February 12, 2011

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This DVD review was originally aired on KTKA-49.

Out on DVD and Blu-ray now is “Let Me In,” a movie that a lot of people wrote off before it was even released. Hopefully now this underrated gem will have an opportunity to find the audience that it really deserves.

Since it was based on a much-beloved Swedish movie called “Let the Right One In,” this English-language remake already had the art-film crowd ready to hate it. Then, because director Matt Reeves kept the creepy tone and opted to focus the film on the central relationship instead of making a standard gross-out horror flick, he alienated the traditional horror crowd as well.

If the movie studio was curious whether an R-rated vampire movie with two 12 year olds at its center was a tough sell, they found out when “Let Me In” flopped at the box office last year.

Don’t miss out on this DVD, which includes three deleted scenes and director’s audio commentary. The movie itself, despite its horror trappings, is a surprising testament to how strong the bonds of friendship are at that young, impressionable age. It features some assured performances by its young leads and a couple of scenes actually outdo the original for suspense value.

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