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Blu-ray Review: Zazie Dans Le Metro & Black Moon

by Eric Melin on July 11, 2011

in Blu-ray/DVD Reviews,Reviews

This review of the new Criterion Blu-rays “Black Moon” and “Zazie dans le Metro” appears on KTKA-49.

Famed director Louis Malle has two movies new out on Blu-ray this month and both are variations on the tradition of film surrealism.

“Black Moon,” which has been unavailable for years on home video, is a bizarre movie filmed in 1974, but set in a near future where some sort of apocalyptic battle of the sexes is playing out in the countryside.

A teenage girl takes refuge in a mansion and finds even more weirdness. Some critics described “Black Moon” as a sort of darker “Alice in Wonderland,” but it’s much too tedious to approach that level of entertainment. You could call it experimental for sure, but it’s never as emotionally involving as say, David Lynch’s “Mulholland Dr.”

“Zazie in the Metro,” however, is a wonderfully anarchic romp through Paris with another young girl in the lead role. Zazie is a 10-year-old girl who spends a crazy weekend in the City of Light, where adults act like children and the rules of time and space are constantly broken.

The director uses tons of editing tricks, both crude and cutting edge for the time, and turns Paris into a wild playground. Interviews with Malle and his crew only deepened my appreciation for this refreshing, if somewhat dated, comedy.

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