Vampires Subverted
Posted 2 days ago

Jakob's Wife, writer/director Travis Stevens' follow-up to the stellar Girl on the Third Floor is a slyly comedic take on the vampire genre, with the added bonus of offering up…

‘Jakob’s Wife’ Subverts The Usual Vampire Tropes
Turn the Page
Posted 2 weeks ago

Tina Turner has had a life so extravagant and inspiring, it was high time her story finally be told on film for her audiences to once more fall in love…

‘Tina’ Doc is Simply the Best
Dumb Fun, emphasis on Dumb
Posted 2 weeks ago

Yes, there are human beings in 'Godzilla vs. Kong,' but they matter very little in comparison to everything else that happens during the epic showdown of these two legendary Titans.

‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ is fun to watch, dumb to think about
Humans vs. Fun
Posted 2 weeks ago

'Godzilla vs. Kong' isn’t so much good, but rather good enough, sacrificing character work and dialogue for kick-ass action set pieces.

‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Delivers on Promise of its Title, Little Else
Personal Experience
Posted 3 weeks ago

'The Father' is a personal and painful look at the effects of memory loss and loss of reality for aging Anthony Hopkins.

‘The Father’ a Personal Film

‘The Beach House’ Director Jeffrey A. Brown Dissects One of the Best Horror Films of 2020

by Nick Spacek December 14, 2020 Blogs

‘The Beach House’ is absolutely one of my favorite horror films of the year, so I was thrilled to get a chance to hop of the phone with director/writer Jeffrey A. Brown to discuss how this excellent piece of small-budget terror came to be.

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Stand-up Dramedy ‘The Opening Act’ shines on Blu-ray and DVD

by Nick Spacek December 9, 2020 Blu-ray/DVD Reviews

There’s a lot to take from Steve Byrne’s ‘The Opening Act,’ but the main takeaway is if you’re willing to take a chance, enjoy it while it lasts, rather than worrying about what happens if it doesn’t go exactly as planned.

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‘Archenemy’ a Dark Entry To The Superhero Genre

by Jonah Desneux December 9, 2020 Print Reviews

The superhero genre gets darker in Adam Egypt Mortimer’s newest feature Archenemy. To get out of a world of hyper-violent crime, two teenagers partner with a drunken man who claims to be a superhero from another dimension.

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‘Dear Santa’: A Heartfelt Love Letter to Christmas

by Christian Ramos December 9, 2020 Print Reviews

‘Dear Santa’ examines Santa’s helpers, hundreds of volunteers and postal workers who make sure the letters to the Big Guy become Christmas wishes to remember.

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Stick Around for ‘Another Round’

by Warren Cantrell December 3, 2020 Print Reviews

Anchored by a career-best performance by Mikkelsen and a thoughtful script that understands its characters, ‘Another Round’ is black comedy at its best.

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‘Sound of Metal’ Rings True

by Warren Cantrell November 18, 2020 Print Reviews

‘Sound of Metal’ is an outstanding film that explores not just the struggle of addiction, but the addiction of struggle.

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If Hallmark & Bruce Willis Had A Baby, You’d Get ‘Fatman’

by Jonah Desneux November 10, 2020 Print Reviews

Its only fitting to end with weird year with the possibly the weirdest Christmas movie of all time. Fatman answers the age old question of “What if Santa was actually badass?” Gibson and Goggins star in the bloody Christmas epic.

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‘The Dark and the Wicked’ Has a Surplus of the Former, and Deficit of the Latter

by Warren Cantrell November 4, 2020 Print Reviews

There’s more good than bad in ‘The Dark and the Wicked,’ and a lot of heart behind the effort.

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New Doc Showcases the Monster Cult of 1987’s ‘The Monster Squad’

by Nick Spacek October 27, 2020 Print Reviews

Director Andre Gower’s effusive documentary, ‘Wolfman’s Got Nards,’ about the 1987 cult horror flick ‘The Monster Squad’—which he starred in as a kid—will please die-hards.

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‘I Am Greta’ Is Direct Cinema Done Right

by Jonah Desneux October 23, 2020 Print Reviews

I Am Greta touches on the rise in popularity of Swedish Teenage activist Greta Thunberg. Showing the highs and the lows of Thunberg’s activism on climate change, the film takes audiences on an inspiring emotional rollercoaster.

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‘Synchronic’ Has Interesting Ideas But A Half-Baked Plot

by Jonah Desneux October 23, 2020 Print Reviews

‘Synchronic’ starts as a mind-bending psychedelic mystery and turns into a bland showcase of the scientific method in action. Anthony Mackie is good as the leading man, but he can’t save the lackluster script by himself.

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Niiiiiice…’Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ is Everything You’d Expect and More

by Warren Cantrell October 22, 2020 Print Reviews

Sacha Baron Cohen is indeed back as his most famous alter-ego, Borat, exposing America’s darkest impulses in this sequel to the 2006 smash hit.

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‘The Opening Act’ is No Headliner

by Warren Cantrell October 15, 2020 Print Reviews

Stand-up comedy is friggin’ hard, sure, yet it pales in comparison to the difficulty of making a film about it, which ‘The Opening Act’ demonstrates.

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If ‘The Devil Has a Name’ it’s Satan McMediocre

by Warren Cantrell October 15, 2020 Print Reviews

‘The Devil Has a Name’ has a few bright spots thanks to its cast, yet never manages to bring all its pieces together in a way that makes good use of them.

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‘On the Rocks’ Another Smooth Hit From Coppola

by Jonah Desneux October 6, 2020 Print Reviews

Rashida Jones and Bill Murray star in Sofia Coppola’s newest feature ‘On the Rocks.’ Coppola shows why she is one of the best auteurs working today, with her sharp dialogue-driven New York drama.

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